Ron Murphy is a singer, performer, producer and actor. He is a writer of Jazz, R&B, and Gospel and every now and then he will hit you with an intricate yet simple bit of blues like "Cookie" or "Miss Lily".
   Ron can get you grooving to an R&B tune and make you want to dance into an evening if intimate romance. His original music comes from personal experience.  Most every song on this web site is written by and all are performed by Ron Murphy.
  In addition to his original work, Ron can also take you down memory lane with his interpretation of many standards from Ellington to Gershwin and every one in between. What Ron Murphy does wile performing his music is unlike any other. You can hear, see, but most of all feel that what he is singing, is from his heart. 
   Through his contemporary Gospel he let's the world know he remembers his relationship with God and the life he has been blessed with. Listen to his gospel sample on the site and you will understand who Ron Murphy is, and the recognition
Of the gift he has been given.
   As a producer Ron creates the complete environment. Every musician and vocalist is hand picked and like his music there is a personal connection of friendship and respect.
   Ron Murphy performer, producer, romantic, spiritualist. With music style rarely seen. This site has been built so you can experience a small sample of Ron Murphys passion for his music and performing. Please take your time, wonder thru the site. If you would like to see Ron live check out his calendar. "If you would like to record possibly own some of his music feel free to contact him directly.